Flattering a woman, you are romantically attracted by can sometimes be a tough task. No one wants their compliments to be lackluster and boring – or as just another way to get in bed with her– but, at the same moment, when a guy is having a discussion with a woman, leaving her starved of love and support is not likely to work as well. The ideal way is to concentrate on less obvious parts for admiration in order to really excite her. Praises like “You are the most attractive girl on the planet” are exhaustively clichéd and are unlikely to flatter a woman, so you need to work hard in order to be slightly creative than usual. To assist you with this tricky task, we bring you the top 8 compliments women can’t resist, and some of them may not come to mind straightaway:

1. “You are hilarious!”

One of the biggest myths about females is that women are not hilarious, even though many female stand-up comedian and artists are consistently proving this myth wrong, and ordinary ladies are amusing each other with their jokes whenever they meet. Sporadically, too, men are so engrossed with the concept that they need to be “The Entertaining One” in the relationship that they suppress their wife’s or girlfriend’s attempts at humour or wear them out. All of this can lead to an awkward situation in the relationship where she feels less significant in the comedy department while on the other hand, you are always trying to surpass her. It is a great feeling when someone lauds your humour, so why would it be any different for women? Show genuine enjoyment for her humour, and she will give you an awesome time in bed as a result. Tell her that you find her funny as one of the best way to communicate your appreciation is by simply laughing at her jokes.

2. “I keep learning so much from you.”

Despite it being not the case but everyone tends to believe that they bring some valuable information in someone’s else knowledge, so keep in mind to praise the intellectual level of your beloved partner. It does not matter if they are the book smart type people or the street smart ones, let them know that you not only acknowledge but also value their thoughts and ideas while also learning from them.

3. “You have such amazing eyes/lips/teeth/hair.”

Telling a woman, she is stunning will commonly be well-received, but it can be such a basic praise that it rarely comes across as a bit insincere and dull. Go a level beyond by highlighting her best features and flattering them specifically. If she has nice, juicy lips, let her know that but don’t creep her out. And if you have known her for quite some time then never shy away from praising her gleaming white teeth.

4. “I trust you implicitly.”

This one is for all those guys who are in a committed relationship: Tell your significant other that you trust her! Protectiveness is a good thing but over protectiveness can be an ugly dividing force in relationships, and if you have a leaning to let your jealousy run a little wild, you should take talk about your girlfriend’s loyalty and praise her for it. After all, unless you have actual proof that she has been cheating on you, she will acknowledge you for speaking the truth to her, especially if you doubt her just because of few suspicious text messages and light yet damaging accusations of flirting. It takes strength for women to remain truthful in relationships too, and even though faithfulness is something that everyone should possess, when you have decided to commit to somebody, that does not mean it is not heartwarming to rarely show your appreciation for it.

5. “You are special.”

Important note: This is not like the same old famous saying that “you are not like other women,” This saying is outdated and is doubtful to be well-received by women. Instead of comparing her with others, try to make her feel special by telling her that she is God’s greatest creation.

6. “You are amazing at what you do.”

Whatever your girlfriend or wife achieves in regard of career, hobbies and extracurricular, she is guaranteed feeling the need to be noticed for her expertise and talent. Pay close attention to her skills and creativity: there is no point flattering her on her abilities which earned her a job in which she feels lifeless, but an expressive tribute to her art or sporting prowess will show her that you care about the things which means a lot to her and is also a symbol of your dedication towards her. There is secret that most of us are secretly waiting to be observed for our talents and skills, so a compliment praising her set of skills will set you apart from others and make her feel on top of the world.

7. “You are a really good company.”

We are often admired for fairly worthless things in life such as our clothes, how we look or how nice the things we buy are. There are only few things that are very substantial than being told that you are a good friend, because it moves you as a person and brings out the best side of you mainly including selfless qualities. Whether you are flattering your partner for being an amazing company to you or to her friends, she will be glad about it and be impressed by your care.

8. “You are sexy.”

If you are dating your crush or in a serious relationship, your women will want to be comforted that you find her alluring in a sexual way. Light up her mood in bed or at a dinner by simply telling her how you cannot resist and experience the magic as her body responds in a different manner.